Choirboys: 6 Pack of Tom Petty (Digital Download)

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When the CHOIRBOYS play a gig, it’s about indulging your youth, and bringing pub rock to a whole new generation!

Giving ACDC and Creedence a CHOIRBOY makeover brought the crowds in, and raised the roof in a way that only those in the eighties will really remember. Then they took a little more inspiration from their youth: Rediscovering the cool bluesy rocky grooves and the power of three chords.  They climbed into the songs and inhabited them in their entirety….  If you were mad keen on cars you it’d be like climbing into the original e-type Jag and taking it for a spin; top down, on a smooth and sunny summer day.

Now the CHOIRBOYS have really caught the bug. They’re on the trail to a music revelation and the next stop is Tom Petty.  More songs from their formative years and you’ll find it just permeates every pore of being a musician, a song writer, a listener, audience or aficionado.

Tom Petty is up there as one of the most brilliant artists in the genuine musicverse: His flavors, his view and the space… the angle he takes to reach into the heart of a concept and drag it out, to place it right in front of you.  

So here they are – back again - The CHOIRBOYS, venturing into their second LIVE 6 pack of hits, and they’re just itching to record these little fuckers and hit the road, giving the Petty songs a little dose of divine Pub Rock.  

Yeah, you weren’t expecting the use of fuckers in a press release were you? But this is the CHOIRBOYS: Expectations are always exceeded.