Dancing On The Grave (1994 Album)

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Dancing on the Grave of Rock n' Roll is the fourth studio album by the Choirboys, released in 1994.  It was produced by mainstay band members Mark Gable and Ian Hulme. 


  1. "Friday Night"
  2. "Drops Like a Stone" 
  3. "Hard Heart" 
  4. "Don't Say Goodbye" 
  5. "Feels Good" 
  6. "Dancing on the Grave of Rock n' Roll" 
  7. "Keep It Up" 
  8. "Della Meets Mr. Danger" 
  9. "I Was a Boy Then" 
  10. "Man in the Middle" 
  11. "Alright Now"
  12. "My Recommendation" 
  13. "Freudenstein's Monster"